Chiropractic Education

Education of a Chiropractor


 Chiropractors are required to undergo an immense amount of schooling to receive a "Doctor of Chiropractic" degree (also known as a D.C.). The general public may not be aware that a Chiropractic Physician is required to complete more credit hours in college than a Medical Doctor (M.D.).

Once a Doctor of Chiropractic completes the required undergraduate course of studies, they are also required to:
  • Complete four years of Chiropractic Education
  • Complete the mandatory internships
  • Complete at least 900 hours of work in a Chiropractic Clinic
  • After graduating, pass written and oral board exams, at national and state levels
  • Fulfill all licensure requirements as mandated by each state in which they desire to practice
  • A Chiropractor may decide to advance their degree in an area of specialty such as radiology, sports medicine, neurology, as well as many other fields.

The chart below shows the number of hours served under study by Chiropractic students and Medical students, for comparison and educational purposes.








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