NeuroInfiniti Testing

At Huffer Chiropractic we use the NeuroInfiniti machine to provide a detailed assessment of your nervous system and how it may be impacting your health.

State of Nervous System

What Is The NeuroInfiniti?

The NeuroInfiniti machine was originally developed as a way to measure the effects of the chiropractic adjustment on the brain. However the machine has developed from there to way of evaluating the body’s stress responses and the effects they may be having on your health.

To measure that response 12 sensors are placed on your skin on your shoulder muscles, the top of your head, your forearms and your hands. These sensors are on the skin’s surface – there are no needles involved!

The machine then does a short 12 minute test. After that you can discover how you respond to and recover from three stress challenges.

What is Measured?

Brain Waves.

The brain generates waves and the speed or frequency of those waves varies according to the brain activity at that time. The NeuroInfiniti measures the relevant brain waves for the stress response.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

HRV is an effective method of measuring stress responses and adaptability. HRV training can also be a good way of learning to manage stress.

Heart Rate.

Rather than just checking your heart rate, the NeuroInfiniti test checks what causes your heart rate to increase and how long it takes to return to normal after a challenge, providing valuable information on your responses.

Skin Conductance.

Skin conductance varies with moisture on the skin which is in turn a by-product of stress.


The normal stress response is to move blood away from the skin to the muscles where it may be needed to deal with the stress challenge. Temperature is one way of measuring this.

Respiration Rate.

The rate of your breathing and the way in which you breath (diaphragm/belly breathing versus upper chest) can give insights into your stress responses.

Muscle Activity.

The final component is measuring the level of activity in the face and shoulder muscles. These muscles often react in stressful situations.

Putting The Results Together.

The NeuroInfiniti puts these results together and gives and indication of the state of your nervous system. Generally people care categorized as:

  • Balanced
  • Over-aroused
  • Under-aroused
  • Unstable
  • Exhausted

This information will then be combined with the other results from your history, examination and any other testing to develop a diagnosis and management plan specifically for you. 

neuroinfiniti norms

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