August 2019 

back to school

There are a lot of events happening in August including BACK TO SCHOOL! With the changes that go along with a changed routine in our lives (new bedtime, wake up time, getting kids ready on time, social stress and anxiety, new classes, extra curricular activities, etc) our body's have a lot to adapt to. What better way to help you and your family adapt better than to get your nervous systems checked and adjusted. The chiropractic adjustment will optimize your ability to adapt and help you get used to your new routine. Not to mention boost your immune system. People who get adjusted on a consistent basis have an immune system 2 times greater than those who do not. Get ahead of the game and call for your back to school check up at Huffer Chiropractic! 

  • August 15th: 1DAY, 1BOTTLE, 1MEAL Partner with us to provide food to families in need. As part of our ongoing commintment to changing lives through whole food-based nutrition, we'll donate one meal for every Standard Process/MediHerb product purchased on Thursday, August 15th. Our Company deeply values the importance of health, and wants to help make a positive difference by ensuring individuals in need have access to nutritious meals. Our donation will be gien to a network of more than 200 food banks across the country. Last year 53,000 meals were donated. This year, help us make an even bigger difference in the lives of families!
  • Catalyn Supplement of the Month  The need for multi-vitamins has changed over time.  Years ago, as long as we were eating a balanced diet focused on a lot of greens, some fruits and lean protein, and good fluid intake, we were receiving a well-rounded variety of natural nutrients.  However, not only have our eating habits changed; our foods have changed as well.  Making poor food choices at the store or nearest fast-food restaurant leaves our bodies deprived of what they need most – real nutrition!  This is why a good, quality multi-vitamin is so important!
    So what type of multi-vitamin should you choose? In order to fill in the gaps of what you are missing in your diet, you need to take a multi-vitamin that comes directly from natural, organically grown foods.   How can you tell the quality of your current multiple-vitamin and if it is coming from whole foods?   This is when reading your vitamin label becomes important.  Simply review your vitamin label and look at your ingredients.   If you cannot pronounce the ingredients listed on your label, you are taking a synthetic vitamin.  Synthetic vitamins are created by humans in a lab to represent the closest chemical structure to what nature looks like. We cannot recreate nature in a lab. We can create chemical structures that mimic the vitamin structures in foods; but we cannot “create” a carrot, or broccoli, etc.   In addition, because they are not natural, they take 15-18 chemical process for your body to use them; which is also why you may not feel well after you take them. However, if your vitamins are coming from whole food sources, then the label will state things such as “beet powder, carrot root, kale powder, etc.”  In this case your vitamins ARE coming directly from WHOLE FOODS.   Because whole food vitamins are coming from nature they contain all the macro and micro nutrients that come from the soil.  So what do we do?  When we are eating, we need to eat a diet rich in whole foods with a wide variety of colors so that we are getting a diverse range of nutrients.  And, yes, even when we are eating clean we need to take a multiple vitamin to fill in the gaps of what we may be missing in our diets. This month we have one of our whole food vitamins, Catalyn, on special. Catalyn comes in a gluten free variety and also in a chewable for kids!  So, if you have not taken a whole food multi-vitamin and would like to try one, this is a great time to do so.  Stop in and pick up a bottle today!



The Doctors of Huffer Chiropractic want to discuss the Neuroinfiniti Technology that we have brought into the office recently and discuss why looking at stress and your stress response will give us the information to help you reach your optimal performance. With the use of biofeedback, neurofeedback and brain entrainment, we will get to the underlying cause of what is holding you back from reaching your potential.


Center For Optimal Performance

The Doctors of Huffer Chiropractic discuss why we are "The Center for Optimal Performance". Whatever your purpose is in life, we are committed to helping you achieve that purpose with an optimally functioning nervous system.


Nutritional Consultations

Dr. Huffer and Leisha Elchert explain Nutritional Consultations and why nutritional support is so important for you to get the absolute best results in the least amount of time. Getting your nervous system adjusted and restoring health is so much more achievable when you have whole food supplementation to support your organ systems.

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