Travis Elsass D.C., C.A.C.C.P.

Certified Pediatric Chiropractor 

One of the things that I love most in life is taking care of kids and creating healthy, phenomenal families. 


I knew after a few years in practice, taking care of little kids and babies is what I loved to do more than anything else. That's why I went and became certified by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics so I could help these little ones as best as I can. Having 3 phenomenal kiddos of my own that I am very proud of, I get to see first hand how living the chiropractic lifestyle, positively impacts the health of my own family. I want everyone to experience this type of lifestyle and that is what drives me to do what I love doing every day. 

Made to be a Chiropractor

My mother had a life changing experience with chiropractic when she and my dad were trying to start a family shortly after they were married. After years of having no luck becoming pregnant, her chiropractor Dr. Dale Huffer, got her under care to return her nervous system back the way it was designed to function. Long story short, I am the result of that! You could say I was born to be a chiropractor. I knew at a very young age this is what I was going to do when I grew up. Especially growing up next door to Dr. Kreg Huffer and not only learning from him, but seeing first hand the miracles that chiropractic can do for people. Now I am blessed to be here in my hometown working with the practice that started it all. 

Elsass Family


Outside the office, my beautiful wife Michelle and I are busy with our 3 kids Kashton, Everly, and Quinlyn. One of the greatest blessing in my life is raising 3 amazing kid and witnessing first hand not only the happy/good feeling moments that go along with parenthood, but also the struggles are what makes the adventure. Being a parent can be difficult and knowing what the "correct" thing do is not always an easy decision. Having a good foundation on where health comes from with my chiropractic education has ultimately made me the father I am today. Vice versa having kids has made me the doctor I am today. One of my passions is taking care of families that want to live a vitalistic lifestyle and leading by example.

Getting to the Cause

One thing that all of us here at Huffer Chiropractic strive towards is searching for the truth and getting to the underlying cause of dis-ease. Chiropractic removes interference that is preventing the body from expressing itself to it's fullest. The inability to adapt to the Traumas, Toxins, and Thoughts we accumulate in our life leads to the interference to our nervous system (Subluxation). Neuro-Emotional work has been intriguing to me because how we deal with emotional stress that seems to be the underlying cause in so many people's health issues. That has lead me into B.E.S.T. and QNRT techniques that help find and deal with these types of issues.  Everyone could benefit from having this disturbance removed no matter where they are in life, young, old, athletic, healthy or sick. Getting checked for this interference and removing it on a consistent basis will help you experience a phenomenal life. Call and set up a consult and become a part of our family here at Huffer Chiropractic. Huffer Chiropractic has also branched out and opened a satellite office in Osgood Ohio, which Dr. Elsass is also seeing patients at. Click here to find out more about this office.

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