Kreg D Huffer DC LCP

My Goal and Passion

As a Chiropractor and Educator, my goal and passion are to empower people to live healthier and happier lives. Our greatest Wealth is our Health! 


I’m continually inspired by the choices made in the midst of apparent tragedies by people in my life and how those responses have lead to some of the greatest blessings one could ever imagine.
In 1962 my father, Dr. Dale Huffer, had a tree came down on him fracturing two vertebrae at the base of his neck. After a year of medical care with no help/relief and being told his symptoms were all in his head and that he needed to see a psychiatrist. He went to a Chiropractor and after one adjustment he had 80% relief! He walked out of that DC office with tears of inspiration and told my mother he would give anything to be able to help people that way. Four years later, I was in first grade, we moved to Davenport, Iowa where he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic.
Growing up, it was common to see patient’s, children and adults alike, with fevers, asthma, sciatica, athletic injuries, headaches digestive issues and multiple other conditions, be carried in and walk out symptom free time and time again. Witnessing these miracles inspired me to want to do the same.
I attended Defiance College to play basketball and take undergraduate studies before moving on to graduate school for my Doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic. I’ve been in practice in Jackson Center since 1983 and was blessed to practice 13 years with my father. In 2000, after 17 years of practice, I returned to Palmer College for study in my second Doctorate in Healthcare Philosophy, which in turn led to three published papers in that field and a commitment to teach/lecture as a Faculty Extension Professor in the Philosophy Department at Palmer College and most recently at Life University.    I’ve always been passionate about helping people by addressing the true cause of their health issues; by educating each person about the importance of 

{a} Balanced Nervous System 

{b}Lifestyle changes to support/enhance nervous system balance 

{c} Nutrition-Huffer Chiropractic has a full-time nutritionist Leisha Elchert 

{d} Stress-addressing the emotional component via bringing the spiritual component into the healthcare approach. We utilize (B.E.S.T) -Bio –Energetics-Synchronization-Technique and 

{e} Brain-based-Neuro feedback/Bio feedback to change abnormal brain patterns and abnormal Neuro plasticity.

My own personal health has always been a high priority and we at Huffer Chiropractic try our best to lead by example, with weekly adjustments, and healthy lifestyle choices to emanate optimal performance/health.
In fact the majority of my practice is clients/families enjoying Optimal Performance and higher quality lives via the Chiropractic lifestyle.

We at Huffer Chiropractic have made it our mission to make sure clients that choose care here have a vision of health and wellness far beyond what we presently have in society today.

Family Priority

Huffer Family

Family has always been a priority for my wife Lori and myself.  We are blessed to have 4 healthy children as well as 4 grandchildren! Chelsea, lives next door to the office in a group home with an aid, she works at S&H products in Sidney and loves life. And, reminds us daily what really is important-love-hugs-smile’s!  Brooke, is married to Josh, they live in Cincinnati. She is a nutritionist at two chiropractic offices. They have a little girl Charlotte Grace a.k.a. Charli. Makaine, is married to Chas. They live in Lima. She is an intervention specialist and teaches at Wapakoneta. They have three children Finnley, Vivian & Zayden. Dillon lives in New Zealand and has his own Chiropractic Office. He is in his third year of practice. Dillon is getting married September 2020 to Taylor Bornhorst. 

I’m a huge sports fan and I am blessed to work with multiple elite athletes, assisting them to achieve optimal performance. We continue to keep our fitness a priority, as well, with weekly adjustments, clean organic eating, regular exercise, and daily spiritual enrichment! 

  Much like my father, in 1962, who took an apparent tragedy and turned it into a blessing by choosing to respond, via a chiropractic adjustment, to change the direction of his life. Nearly 100 individuals are DC‘s today and millions of people are enjoying better health/lives because of his and my mother‘s decision to become something bigger.
  Our team at Huffer Chiropractic continue to carry on this legacy, empowering people to respond to their health challenges by addressing the cause; Emotional, Chemical and Physical, to create better lives for themselves and their families.
  Huffer Chiropractic Mission Statement; 
  “To Educate, Motivate and Inspire Full Human Potential”  
  We continue to lead clients down a path of Natural Health Care for them and their families. That is what makes Huffer Chiropractic the Center for Optimal Performance!

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