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Brain Training

After you have gone through the Neuroinfiniti Stress Response Testing (SRE), your doctor will customize a treatment plan that includes specific brain training along with your chiropractic care. This is help you achieve the optimal results at the core of your nervous system (the brain). In other words you will ultimately get to the cause of your health challenges instead of chasing symptoms. These are the specific training we my suggest that may include one or all depending on the test results and clinical information:

Biofeedback: This technology will use specific instrumentation to measure your breathing rate, heart rate variability, skin conductance, skin temperature, and/or muscle tension to help you have more control over these functions. Once you are trained to control these functions you will ultimately have control of your autonomic nervous system. In other words you'll be able to control your stress responses.

Neurofeedback: This technology will use EEG feedback from the brain to help you control how your brain functions. The brain will throw out different brain waves depending on what activity you are doing. From the SRE we will know what brain function/waves need practice so that you can change longstanding, neuroplastic, stress responses that your brain could be stuck in. Along with biofeedback you will have amazing control of your neurological "brake pedal". 

Brain Entrainment: 


Because the brain is neuroplastic, it can be changed. Something that, not too long ago, was told could not happen. It isn't easy though. In order to change the patterns that are wired together, we need to practice a new pattern. BrainTap is technology that uses sensory input to train the brain to go into specific brainwave states. By doing this, it is like "practice for the brain" so it can eventually go into appropriate brainwave states on it own. 

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